Sicilian Wine Awards 2016

Sicilian Wine Awards:
on 03 November 2016. Pubblicato in Archivio articoli dal 05/04/2011 - Il premio
Cronache di Gusto presents the result of the Sicilian wine awards member’s officiated by Stephen
Brook and Daniele Cernilli. 25 wines were awarded among five categories and types. A special
prize assigned to the wines with the best quality price
San Basilio IGP Terre Siciliane Riofavara
by Federico Latteri and Gianni Paternó
We present the winners of the first edition of the Sicilian Wine Awards, the award created by
Cronache di Gusto as part of Taormina Gourmet and dedicated to the best wines’ productions of the
Island. For the first time in Sicily a specialized committee constituted also by foreign journalists
evaluated white, rosè and red wines selecting the best. The committee chaired by Daniel Cernilli of
Doctor Wine and Stephen Brook of Decanter UK, tasted hundreds samples of DOC Sicilian wines.
The award ceremony was organized during the event Taormina Gourmet and was held, Sunday,
October 16. To the awards ceremony it was present also the Regional Councillor for Agriculture,
Antonello Cracolici and representatives of Diam Bouchage and Li Causi - Mastri Bottai company,
both sponsors of the Sicilian Wine Awards.
First classified
• Igt Terre Siciliane San Basilio 2014, Riofavara winery
Second classified
• Igt Terre Siciliane Effe Emme 2013, Zisola winery
Third classified
• Igt Terre Siciliane All'aria Nero d'Avola 2012 Casale del Frate winery